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Founded in 1706, Albuqerque has been deemed the 6th fastest growing city in the United States with a modest population of just over 500,000. Each year, visitors come from all over the world to visit the Interational Balloon Fiesta to see an amazing assortment of traditional and special shaped balloons.

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10008 Pony Lane SW, Albuquerque, NM 87121

List Price:  $225,000 (Under Contract)

Albuquerque Real Estate Update

During January – December 2020, there were 10,115 residential homes sold in the Duke City.  Prices ranged from $25,100 to $2,180,000.

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Current Monthly Market Activity Report

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Albuquerque Neighborhoods

Learn about some neighborhoods located throughout the Duke City.

Learn about one of the largest and most established neighborhoods on the west side.. Homes range from approximately $249,500. Visit Taylor Ranch

Are you interested in new construction homes in Albuquerque?  Checkout an exclusive new home search.  Visit

Experience the small, yet exclusive neighborhood located north of Nob Hill. Homes range from approximately $610,000. Visit Altura Park

Visit the Tanoan community located in the northeast heights of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Homes range from approximately $390,000. Visit Tanoan

Find homes for sale in one of Northeast Albuquerque’s desirable neighborhoods. Homes range from approximately $300,000. Visit Academy Acres

Discover Nob Hill, a growing geo-gentrified neighborhood in Northeast/Southeast Albuquerque. Homes range from approximately $249,000. Visit Nob Hill Homes in Albuquerque

The Ventana Ranch area is one of Albuquerque’s largest master-planned communities.  Homes range from approximately $225,000. Visit Ventana Ranch

Overlooking the City of Albuquerque atop the Petroglyphs, Volcano Cliffs is a desirable neighborhood. Homes range from approximately $425,000. Visit Volcano Cliffs

Learn about the newest master-planned community in Northwest Albuquerque. Homes range from approximately $384,000. Visit Mirehaven

Discover the community located in the shadows of the bosque. Homes range from approximately $665,000. Visit Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

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